Grazing Links

We feel that the following links to other grazing web-site will be usefull to California sheep producers.
If you know of other links that might be useful please contact us and we will list them.

Livestock for Landscapes

University of Idaho
Collegeof Natural Resources


Guard Dog Signs

You can order the signs through the email address  You will want to make the request for PA 2053, Livestock Protection Dog poster.

Additionally, the sign is available in a pdf format that one can print on any desired backing.  The available signs, from the resource above, are printed on a type of weather resistant card stock.  A person may prefer a heavier backing, hence the availability of the pdf.    

Public Lands Sign

Private Lands Sign

Spanish Sign


I would encourage you to order PA 2051, Livestock Protection Dog brochure, as well.  This is a complementary brochure to the sign, intended to educate the public on the need and existence of LPDs, especially on public lands.

Public Lands Brochure

Private Lands Brochure